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Trending Bridesmaid Dress Color Palettes for 2024

We've got the inside scoop on the hottest bridesmaid dress colors for next year!

If you’re having a wedding in 2024, chances are you’re thinking about what your bridesmaids should wear for the big day! The new year is going to be here sooner than you think, so it's best to start planning out now what styles your bridesmaids are going to wear, and most importantly, what colors you want to incorporate. After all, bridesmaids dresses are a canvas for your wedding vision. In this blog post, we're going to go through different trending colors palettes for each season in 2024 while giving you some dress inspo.


black | burgundy | navy blue

Winter weddings evoke feelings of elegance, warmth, and a touch of magic! For 2024 weddings, some trending colors will be Black, Burgundy, and Navy Blue.

Navy Blue has always been a popular choice for winter weddings, and it isn't going out of style any time soon. This color complements the cozy and intimate atmosphere of the colder months, and is perfect for the season's ambiance.

We are finding that Black is becoming increasingly popular amongst Bridal Parties. Wearing black can help keep your bridesmaids warm during the winter months if you take photos outside, and it is a flattering and timeless color that will look great on everyone.

Burgundy is a popular choice for winter weddings because the deep hue is reminiscent of winter berries and holiday colors. It stands out against snowy backgrounds and creates captivating visual contrasts. You can never go wrong with this color!



sage green | lilac | Slate blue

Spring weddings evoke feelings of freshness, optimism, and new beginnings. For 2024 weddings, some trending colors will be Sage Green, Lilac, and Slate Blue.

If you choose Lilac for your Bridesmaids to wear, you are choosing the perfect color! This color can infuse your wedding with a true springtime atmosphere. It coordinates beautifully with spring flowers such as lilac flowers themselves as well as other pastel-colored blooms.

Slate Blue is a versatile color that will work well in a spring setting. This color pairs well with classic spring colors such as pastels and neutrals. This shade of blue will look dreamy in photographs and increase the romantic aesthetic in your wedding photos.

Sage Green is a refreshing color that exudes a feeling of organic elegance. Particularly if you're having a wedding in a garden or outdoor setting, this color will complement the natural colors of the earth and look gorgeous against the budding greenery.



barbie pinks | neutral tones | peach

Summer weddings evoke feelings of vibrancy, romance, and joy. For 2024 weddings, some trending colors will be Barbie Pinks, Neutral Tones, and Peach.

We predict that for summer 2024 weddings, ALL shades of pink will be a trending choice. With the explosion of the Barbie Movie, pink is sure to be a popular choice amongst brides. Pink comes in a variety of stunning shades, from soft pastels to vibrant fuchsias.

Neutral Tones such as beige, champagne, and taupe are sophisticated choices for summer weddings. These light-colored tones have a cooling effect, which is beneficial during the hotter months. These colors can easily adapt to any wedding theme as well!

The color Peach is a joyful and lively color that will be memorable on your wedding day. This color reflects the vibrant spirit of the season while beautifully blending with the natural surroundings of the outdoors, such as the blossomed flowers and the lush greenery.



forest green | dark purple | Sienna

Fall weddings evoke feelings of rustic charm, transition and change, and coziness. For 2024 weddings, some trending colors will be Forest Green, Dark Purple, and Sienna.

Dark Purple is a great choice for a fall wedding because it can be paired with other fall colors such as golds, oranges, and earthy neutrals. This color stands out against fall foliage and will photograph beautifully. Your bridesmaids will love it too, as it flatters all body types.

The color Sienna resonates with the fall season and is a smart choice! It blends seamlessly with the changing leaves and warm lighting. Fall weddings often have soft, golden lighting due to the angle of the sun, and Sienna dresses can beautifully catch and reflect this light!

Last but certainly not least, Forest Green! This shade of green is a jewel tone that is symbolic of harmony and royalty. It is a rich fall color that embodies the rich hues associated with the fall season. This color looks gorgeous on all skin tones and matches all hair colors!

Which is your Wedding Vibe?

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